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Optibac Probiotics For Those on Antibiotics

Optibac Probiotics For Those on Antibiotics

  • €5.35

Optibac Probiotics for those on Antibiotics is a high quality supplement with 2 strains of natural bacteria, Lactobacillus rhamnosus Rosell-11 and Lactobacillus Rossell-52. These well researched strains are scientifically proven to reach the gut alive, even during a course of antibiotics.

It provides 4 billion live microorganisms per capsule, and is free from sugars, fats and flavourings that may be found in other food and drinks containing live cultures.

Not only have these 2 strains been tested and shown to survive stomach acidity and bile salts, they have also been extensively researched alongside a wide variety of antibiotics. This sets Optibac Probiotics for Those on Antibiotics apart from many live cultures supplements on the market today, and makes it a suitable choice for those who wish to take natural bacteria during a course of antibiotcs.

10 capsules.

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