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Optibac®- For a Flat Stomach®

Optibac®- For a Flat Stomach®

  • €10.25

Optibac®- For a Flat Stomach®

All too often, over indulgence on heavy, spicy and fatty food leaves us feeling heavy and bloated. OptiBac ‘For a flat stomach’® can help ease symptoms by tackling the imbalance in the natural microflora in the gut. OptiBac ‘For a flat stomach’® has been scientifically proven to help provide relief from bloating and give a noticeably flatter stomach.This is why OptiBac ‘For a flat .stomach’® is so effective

 In November 2011, the influential and respected Health Science Institute in .the UK recommended Optibac “For a flat stomach”® as a means of supporting .your digestion and helping ease bloating.

A 7 day course of “Optibac®- For flat stomach®” costs €11.95 from Whelehans

Optibac® for Flat Stomach is a food supplement, not a medicine. It is not an alternative to proper medical assessment or prescription medicine. It should not be considered as an alternative to a varied and balanced diet